Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing


Howard Vaughan, Jr., President
Bob Bachta, Marketing Manager

COMPANY Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing
ADDRESS 11414 Maple Avenue
Hebron, IL 60034
TELEPHONE (815) 648-2446
FAX (815) 648-4300
E-MAIL vaughanmfg@aol.com
URL ADDRESS http://www.vaughanmfg.com
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TYPES OF PRODUCTS World's largest producer of quality hammers and other related hand tools.

Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing

Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing Company, headquartered in Hebron, Illinois, was founded in 1869 and today is the world's largest producer of quality hammers and other related hand tools.

Now headed by the fourth generation of the Vaughan family, the company has gained a reputation for innovation rivaled only by its intense dedication to quality. The company was the world's first major producer of hammers to win the coveted ISO Certification.
Today Vaughan's hand tool products are now promoted and distributed around the globe. The company backs up its foreign distribution with its products shown at such major venues as the Cologne International Trade Fair, GAFA, GLEE and the International Hardware Show in the U. S.

The company's present catalog features more than 250 different types and sizes of hammers plus other related products targeted to both the demanding professional tradesperson and the do-it-yourself consumer. Its latest innovations include ergonomically designed, vibration absorbing hammers, new "pull stroke" hand saws and high-tech prybars.

Vaughan continues to take an active role in its industry with memberships in such organizations as the Hand Tools Institute, American Hardware Manufacturers Association, National Retail Hardware Association and the World Do-It-Yourself Council.

The company has long taken a leadership role on safety in its industry and insists on safety education of users to the hazards and proper use of striking tools. Vaughan also was a leader in developing a strong environment policy, which includes using recyclable materials in its product packaging and literature.

Recent Product Introductions

  • Mini-Bear Saw® - A smaller 10-inch version of Vaughan's full line of Bear Saws® which cut on the pull stroke. This mini-version with a super-thin, highly flexible blade which makes craftsman-accurate cuts, also can slice through a
    2 ½-inch tree bough.
  • Blue Max® Hammer with Head-Start® - The latest of Vaughan's famed California Framer Hammers, this one features a magnetic nail-holdingnotch in the head, gives the user added reach in tough nailing situations.
  • SuperbarXL® - This 21-inch, stretch version of Vaughan's famous 15-inch
    Superbar® gives even more power leverage for the bigger jobs.
  • Bear Claw Scraper Bar® - This versatile 10-inch Bear Claw® Scraper Bar which joins Vaughan's full line of Bear Claw Nail Pullers, features an extra thin blade for scraping and cutting as well as prying sunken and imbedded nails.


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